Wednesday, November 24, 2010


We got back from 4th block today evening and at the gate Jay says to me "Amma, I am tired. I not walking in the stairs, I walking in the lift".

Monday, November 22, 2010

A yummies story

Sid had tuck shop at school recently. You know, one of those things where parents lose some money to the kids and they get to buy all the snacks at school we've been avoiding at home. Well, at least they get to handle money and do some math.

So Sid bought some, ate some. But then he bought some tiny packets of yummies and stashed them in his bag for 'later'. For when he could eat in peace. He gets off the van near home and starts walking and eating. Now we always some specimens of the bovine variety hanging around our streets and one such, quite a biiiiiiig one, as described by Sid, was right in the middle of the road. Normally this wouldn't phase an Indian one bit. But Sid is barely 9 and I understand his consternation when he says the cow started coming at him 'for the yummies'. He tried dodging but it kept blocking the road and was, yes, gunning for the yummies. If you know yummies, you know they're fried snacks, those crunchy, spicy ones, hardly manna to a cow's palate.

Anyway, Sid ws now unnerved and when he saw two men walking past he asked "Uncle, can you please help me"? The two men just laughed and walked away. So not having learnt how to fend off attacks by cows ravenous for yummies at school, he did what he could. Threw the two opened packets on the road and scrambled for the gate.

Soon as he was in the door, he offered to show an unbelieving me the size of the cow and the two now empty packets lying on the street. But I was more perturbed about the two men who had just laughed off his request for help. What are we adults coming to?

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Sid musing, Jay learning

Sid said today "I wish we knew everything just when we were born". Now if we had a penny for every time a kid wished that...

Jay wishing Sid goodnight "Goodight... feet dreams"...

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Calling up

Jay's playing with his building blocks (for a change!) and he picks up a block, pretends its a phone and is talking.. I can only hear his side of the conversation. "Ya.. You play? OK.. No no. I not playing now. OK. Bye." Then he puts the phone down and tells me "Amma that was somebody". At 2 and a half.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Paisa movie

Jay is coming with stuff faster than I can blog it...

I'm sitting in front of the laptop and he says "amma I will put a coin in the laptop". That's, he wants to slide a coin into the CD slot. I said no obviously. And he argues "if i put it here, comes paisa movie".


Of late, when we make pav bhaji at home, Jay's excited. He likes the pav, not the bhaji and will make a dinner out of just pav. What he calls it, tho, is the highlight of any eve we make this - Pajabi.