Friday, March 16, 2012

Jay and the doodling days

Am I just being the parent or is Jay's pen something cool... he will be aaaallll of 4 years next month...

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Flip flop

Jay: Ma... I need to go to the loo.
Me: You are old enough! Go on your own.. why do you make me get up every five mins??!! This is the last time Im getting up! From tomorrow, do NOT call me!

Jay, quiet as he goes to the loo with me tagging along. I turn away then hear the water spray. Am in the bathroom in a flash.

Me: Do NOT spray water all over! Have I not told you to be careful??!!!! Call me! Do NOT do anything without me!!!

Small wonder kids stop taking what their parents say seriously pretty early on in life.

Thursday, May 12, 2011


Sid said 'why the hell did i get hurt...'.. and I promptly said no swearing. Sid asks what do you mean 'swearing'? and the 3 year old pipes up 'it mean no saying rubbish things.. mean bad things.. mean like blood and all'. Right, now who wants to take up raising them? I'd like a show of hands please...

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Sid's questions for the day. The growing years?

Ma, do people look cuter or uglier when they get older?

Ma, have you ever told a lie?

Ma, why do I have to go to school (notice the recurring theme here).


Jay's been playing with a silver ring of mine - the closest he can get his hands on to the one ring in The Lord of The Rings movie (yes, he knows what that is).

He wanted to take it into the bath and I said "No, if it falls in the drain I'll make you go in and get it". After just a second he says "But....... how will I come out?" He apparently knows the trick to get into the drain, 5 inches wide.

He continues, in a muted voice though, "Then I can't come out. Then amma will say where is Jay? he's not coming out only.... such a cute baby..where did he gooooo...."?

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Junk food etc.

We're in the car and Jay says "Amma, my cheeks are paining". Now this one's new to me.. To you too? I suppose. I never knew cheeks could hurt.
Me: Why Jay? Where is it paining? Inside or outside on the skin? (Am thinking mebbe it's a toothache from all the candy).
Jay: Outside.
Me: Are you sure? Because if you eat a lot of candy the inside will pain.
Jay: No amma, I diddunt eat anything junk yesssturday.

Etc. Small things he says that make me smile... in wonder!
"Amma, I be Ironman, you be raw machine" (that's war machine)
"No pobbem, amma. I play here only"
"Who fend is coming to us mane amma? Appa fend or u fend?" (fend=friend, mane=house)

Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Me: Oh my god, Sid, your uniform isn't pressed for tomorrow.
Jay: Amma, are you ok?
Me: Yes, I'm ok Jay. Why you asking?
Sid: He's asking because he thinks you're exhausted. Are you?
Me: Yes I am, there's so much work to do.
Sid: Amma, we are both very unlucky. Tchh..tch.
Me: Why?
Sid: Me, because I have to go to school. You, because you have so much work.