Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Morning antics

When Jay is up and Sid isn't, on a holiday, it's Jay's prerogative to go wake Sid up. 'Waking' includes jumping on Sid, snatching his blankie and any other tricks he can think of. Today, Sid did wake up. Then Jay gets his blankie and puts it over his head and says 'ghossst, I am a ghost'. This is a new game. Then he takes it off and says "Ma, now I becane Jay". :) (Became is becane).

He's got the blankie on his head again and suddenly it goes off and he says "Phhbbttt! I don't like saaru mamma (rice and rasam). I like only pasta!". Then the blankie goes on again.

Sid just happens to touch Jay's blankie. He shrieks and snatches it away. "Anna (big bro) don't touch have your own pinku (that's Sid's name for his blankie)."

Lil Jay is getting quite territorial.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Sid learning comparative, superlative

Sid has the comparative and superlative forms of words (in class 3 for god's sake). So I ask him for the c and s forms of good. He said 'better' alright. And was struggling with the superlative...'betterest' was one answer. I told him to remove some alphabets from the word and would get it right. The next answer was 'brest'.. hilarious when spoken :):):)