Monday, February 1, 2010

Sid's notes

There's this great store for kids - Vividha. It stocks all kinds of little odds and ends to make kids' days a little more fun. I picked up a magnetic notepad, which now sticks on to the fridge at home. It's Sid's and he scribbles on it when he feels like... Mostly innocuous stuff, the stuff of everyday life (reproduced in toto, with all the spellos that make me laugh so :)...)

Some time Jan 1st week:
1. Today I Learnt Social Studies
2. Today I'm going to give yellu to all of my friends house for the festival Sankranthi.
3. If I lie down on my parents lap he will always cry (...Jay).

27th Jan, 2010.
1. If my mother tell me to stud Hind I will never study Hindi
2. I am going to eat pasta for dinner. I love pasta
3. I dint now that I had Twister game but I have it and with my Mother.