Wednesday, February 9, 2011


Jay's been playing with a silver ring of mine - the closest he can get his hands on to the one ring in The Lord of The Rings movie (yes, he knows what that is).

He wanted to take it into the bath and I said "No, if it falls in the drain I'll make you go in and get it". After just a second he says "But....... how will I come out?" He apparently knows the trick to get into the drain, 5 inches wide.

He continues, in a muted voice though, "Then I can't come out. Then amma will say where is Jay? he's not coming out only.... such a cute baby..where did he gooooo...."?


  1. See? There is a reason I love this boy. Really. Can I marry him? Or adopt him? Or anything?

  2. LOL! Bhumika, I leave it to him - he's got a brain of his own this one! Already!!!

  3. i like the fact that he calls you "Amma" and not mom.