Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Junk food etc.

We're in the car and Jay says "Amma, my cheeks are paining". Now this one's new to me.. To you too? I suppose. I never knew cheeks could hurt.
Me: Why Jay? Where is it paining? Inside or outside on the skin? (Am thinking mebbe it's a toothache from all the candy).
Jay: Outside.
Me: Are you sure? Because if you eat a lot of candy the inside will pain.
Jay: No amma, I diddunt eat anything junk yesssturday.

Etc. Small things he says that make me smile... in wonder!
"Amma, I be Ironman, you be raw machine" (that's war machine)
"No pobbem, amma. I play here only"
"Who fend is coming to us mane amma? Appa fend or u fend?" (fend=friend, mane=house)

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