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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Jay amazes me every day

Jay's been listening to the alligator-monkey story for a few nights now. In which the alligator wants to eat the monkey while ferrying him across the river. And the monkey gets away by telling the silly alligator that his heart is across the river and the alligator can eat him after he gets across.

Jay is also looking at picture books these days and he saw a heart shape the other day. I told him it was a heart the day before yesterday. This morning when he turned to the page again, he identified it as a heart.

When I showed surprise that he remembered it's a heart, he says, "heart, same monkey story".



  1. I "heart" Jay! And the Jay papa tales.

  2. Jay, I'm so bad at checking this blog for comments :(.

    Lil Jay 'hearts' u too!