Tuesday, July 27, 2010

All in a day's vocab - with Jay

'Amma, what fell?' - if he hears something fall.

'Jay go play alone' - if I tell him there's no one in the playground and he'll get bored.

'Anna (Sid) see waka waka, Jay see freedom' - when he wants to see K'Naan's Give me Freedom on youtube. And after his song, he will want to see waka waka also.

'Ay, why natch?' 'Ay, why push'? 'Ay, why throw ball there?' 'Ay, why amma cold (scold) me?'... as if there aren't so many unanswered questions out there already !

'Amma, elp me' - if something's stuck and he can't get to it.

'Raksha, Ratan...wear cap. Me also'

'Pease give me, last candy, ok?' (this is repeated at least ten times a day).

'Show me runnin' one video'.

There are so many more things he says, so cutely. More as and when I can remember :).