Monday, August 2, 2010

More bak bak from Jay

He's found a small pipe from his toy set today. I was telling to lay a pipe in the game. He picks it up and decided it's better off as a salt/pepper shaker. He says 'little pepper, little salt' shaking it. I have no idea when he learnt about salt/pepper shakers!

Amma, "top (stop), 'toooppp, 'toopppppp!" If he wants me to stop what I'm doing and turn his way.

Jay 'pider (spider) scared. 'pider bite Jay, anna...

Gimme chips. Gimme piknik. Gimme candy. Gimme ball. Gimme never ends....

Jay put tab (for tube), go chimming (swimming).. when hot sun.

"This one Jay, this one anna..." (demarcating what's his and isn't...)

The time is always "7.30"... :) if u ask him

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